Terms of Use

Terms and conditions:

CHAT N CHART, conditions & guidelines

1)   General Terms of Use-

1.1  chatnchart.com.au will not accept video’s of a pornographic or explicit nature, silly or dangerous behavior. It will be immediately removed and you will be banned from using our service indefinitely.

1.2 Violence is also prohibited.

1.3  Copyright information. Original Video’s will only be accepted into our video chart.

1.4  Chat N Chart has a clear copyright policy designed to protect itself from any infringement from a third party. Chat N Chart reserves the right to terminate the account of any repeat copyright offender.  

1.5  Chatnchart.com.au will always encourage Free Speech but will not tolerate racism of any kind. Content which attacks any race, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation or religion will be removed.

1.6   Chatnchart.com.au will not tolerate predatory behavior between users. Invasion of privacy, revealing other users personal data, harassment or threatening behavior will result in permanent banishment from our service.

1.7 We reserve the right to restrict upload limits.

1.8   Creating misleading video descriptions, fake accounts or forming a team to increase viewing figures and votes will be deemed as cheating and will not be tolerated. If this takes place all votes and videos will be removed from chatnchart.com.au. Only one account permitted per user is allowed.

All users that attempt to spam the chatnchart network in anyway will have their accounts deleted without warning.

If you’re offended by any videos uploaded by other Chat N Chart users, please report the link to our administrators and the content will be investigated.

1)   Changes to the General Terms of Use

 2.1 The hosts of Chat N Chart reserve the right to change the general terms of use at any given time. This also includes being able to change offered prizes at any time.

2)   Chatnchart.com.au Accounts

3.1 In order to gain access for some features of Chat n chart, you will need to create a Chat N Chart account. You must be careful to keep your password confidential.

3.2 Notify Chat N Chart immediately if you detect any breach of security or wrongdoing regarding your account.

3.3 By agreeing to our terms and conditions you take full responsibility for all activity surrounding your Chat N Chart account.

3) Restrictions on Use

4.1 Chat N Chart  hereby grants you permission to access and use the social networking and video platform, subject to conditions. By joining Chat N Chart  you are agreeing to the following conditions.

1.Do not distribute any part of the website or content without express condition from Chat N Chart ‘s hosts.

2.Do not modify or try to replicate the Website or any of the Service in any way.

3.You agree not to attempt to undermine any security or copyright features implemented by Chat N Chart ’s creators.

4. You agree not to use Chat N Chart  for any of the following commercial use unless you obtain Chat N Chart ’s prior written approval:

a)    the sale of access to Chat N Chart 

b) the sale of advertising, sponsorships or promotions appearing on the personal pages

5. Prohibited commercial uses do not include:

(i)            uploading an original video to Chat N Chart 

(ii)           creating an original channel on Chat N Chart  in order to promote a personal lifestyle/business venture.

6. Collecting or harvesting any personal data of any user of Chat N Chart  is prohibited.

7. Accessing or using content that is not personal or non-commercial for the solicitation of business is strictly forbidden. In addition, copying, attempting to transmit or broadcast any content for commercial gain without written consent from the respective owners will result in your account being terminated and reported to the appropriate authorities.    

8. Chat N Chart  reserve the right to change the format and usability of the website at any time without your prior knowledge.

4.5 As part of Chat N Chart ’s continued innovation, you acknowledge and agree that Chat N Chart  reserve the right to stop (permanently or temporarily) providing the service (or any features within the service) to users generally at any time and at Chat N Chart ’s sole discretion, without prior notice to you.

4.6 You are solely responsible for YOUR account. Chat N Chart  has no responsibility to you or to any third party for any breach of your obligations under the General Terms of Use, or any ramifications that may arise from a breach.

5) Content

5.1 All Chat N Chart  account holders may upload and submit content to the domain. Chat N Chart  does not guarantee any confidentiality regarding content.

5.2 Chat N Chart  users retain all ownership rights of your content.

5.3 You are solely responsible for all content and the consequences that may arise from publishing it. Chat N Chart  does not support any content, opinion or advice expressed within any content uploaded onto the website.

5.4 Your conduct whilst using Chat N Chart  will, at all times, comply with the Chat N Chart  Terms, Conditions and Guidelines. 

5.5 You will not post any material which is deemed to be unlawful or an infringement of any third party copyright law.

5.6 If Chat N Chart  becomes aware of any violation of copyright, privacy within any content, it reserves the right to remove such content and/or terminate the offenders account.

5.7 You fully understand and acknowledge that in using Chat N Chart , you may be subjected to information that is factually incorrect, offensive or objectionable to you. You hereby agree to waive any legal or equitable rights against Chat N Chart  you have or may have regarding such content.

6) Chat N Chart  content on the Website

6.1 All content which has not been uploaded personally by users of the website is exclusively owned by Chat N Chart ’s hosts. Therefore all other content is subject to copyright, trade mark and property rights. Such content may not be downloaded, transmitted, broadcasted, displayed, sold or licensed whatsoever without prior written consent from the licensors of Chat N Chart .       

6.2 When users upload content onto our website you allow Chat N Chart :

1)                  Non-transferable, royalty free license and sub license to use, reproduce distribute that content in connection with the interest of Chat N Chart , to promote and redistribute part or, the entire website in any media formats.

2)                  In addition, you allow all users of Chat N Chart  a non-transferable royalty free license to access your content through the service, and to use, reproduce, distribute and prepare derivative works of that content within the functionality of B Chat N Chart  and its terms.    

7) Links from Chat N Chart 

7.1 Chat N Chart  may include hyperlinks to other web sites that are not owned or controlled by Chat N Chart . Chat N Chart  assumes no responsibility for, the content, privacy policies, or practices of any third party websites.

7.2 You acknowledge and agree that Chat N Chart  is not liable for any loss or damage which may be incurred by you as a result of the availability of those external sites or resources, or as a result of any reliance placed by you on the completeness, accuracy or existence of any advertising, products or other materials on, or available from, such web sites or resources.

7.3 Chat N Chart  encourages you to be aware and to read the terms and conditions and privacy policy of each other website that you visit.

8) Leaving Chat N Chart 

8.1 Chat N Chart ’s terms and conditions apply until your account is ended by either you or Chat N Chart  regulators

8.2 Chat N Chart  may terminate any legal agreement with you at any time if any terms have been compromised or if you have acted in a manner deemed inappropriate or in a manner that has shown that you did not intend to comply with these terms or if Chat N Chart  is required to do so by law, (in the event of any unlawful occurrences)

8.3 Chat N Chart  may terminate its service if it is no longer providing a service within your country of residence or if Chat N Chart  deems that providing a service is no longer commercially viable.

(In the case of these points 8.1/8.3, written notification will be received.)

9) Warranty Exclusion

9.1 None of Chat N Chart ’s Terms, Conditions or Guidelines will ever affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

9.2 Chat N Chart ’s service is provided on ‘face-value’ and makes no attempt to represent any user.

9.3 Chat N Chart  does not guarantee that it will meet your requirements or that your usability experience will always be uninterrupted, free from error and efficient.

9.4 It can also not guarantee:

 a) that any information gained from the Chat N Chart  website will be factually accurate and reliable.

b) that any defects experienced whilst using Chat N Chart  will be corrected.  

10) Limitation of Liability

10.1 These terms shall not exclude Chat N Chart ’s liability for losses, which may not be legally excluded or limited by applicable law.

10.2 Subject to the overall provision of 10.1, Chat N Chart  shall not be liable for:

1)    Any consequential losses, direct or indirect, incurred by you. Particularly, loss of profit, loss of goodwill or business reputation or loss of data.

2)    Any changes Chat N Chart  may make to its usability, service, provisions of the service or terms and conditions of the service.

3)     The loss, deletion or failure to store any information, communication data or content uploaded by users to Chat N Chart .

4)    Any failure to keep personal information or password or account details confidential.

 10.3 The limitation of Chat N Chart ’s liability to you in the event of provisions outlined above will apply whether or not Chat N Chart  has been notified or advised of any possibility of such losses occurring.

  11) Safety Tips

11.1 Keep videos of a personal nature private.

11.2 Report any video that you feel is inappropriate or in violation of our terms, conditions and guidelines.

11.3 Please block users who comment in an offensive or abusive tone.

11.4 Ensure that your personal comments are respectful and clean.

12) Chat N Chart  Legal Terms

12.1 Chat N Chart  may provide you with e-mails in order to notify you of any imminent changes to the service.

12.2 You agree that if Chat N Chart  decides not to exercise any legal right which is contained in the terms, this will not be a formal waiver of our rights and that those rights will still be available to enforce in different circumstances.

12.3 If any court of law with jurisdiction to decide on this matter, rules that any stipulation of these terms is invalid, these provisions will be instantly removed. The remaining terms and conditions will continue to be relevant and enforceable.    

12.4 All of the above terms and indeed your relationship with Chat N Chart  is under the regulation of Australian law. You and Chat N Chart  agree that any legal submissions shall be under the exclusive jurisdiction of Australian law and to resolve any legal matter arising from the terms in this fashion. However, Chat N Chart , in any legal circumstances, shall be allowed to seek injunctive, (or any legal remedy) in any jurisdiction to withstand any legal circumstance arising.

13) “Chat N Chart” Chart Rules

Duration in Chart:

  • The Music Video Chart is drawn monthly and is compiled on the last day of each calendar month at 4:00pm EST.
  • When your video exists the charts it will remain within the video network for others to view.
  • Users may enter as many video clips as they want. ( Up to the set limits set by Chat N Chart )
  • Votes will carry over to the following month.
  • Users under the age of 13 may not enter the music video charts unless a parent or guardian is monitoring the account.

13.1 Only suitable videos may be entered into the Music Video Chart. A suitable video is defined as a video that:

1.     Contains a music track with an accompanying video

2.     Has correct permission from the Copyright Holder (if applicable)

3.     Does not contain scenes of sex, nudity, drugs, violence or other adult only themes

4.     Does not violate any other conditions set out by these Terms and Conditions or British Law

5.     Is deemed of suitable quality by an administrator. 

6.     Artists may only enter the music charts if they are over the age of 13. Parents or guardians may monitor any accounts on behalf of users under the age of 13.

13.3 Voting Rules

1.     You may only vote once for each video per day.

2.     You may only use a single account to vote, duplicate accounts will be automatically deleted and illegitimate votes removed without warning. Your account may also be closed, should a Chat N Chart regulator feel this is necessary.

3.     We strongly discourage voting abuse.

4.     You may only vote using your own account. Proxy votes are strictly prohibited and any votes cast by any other than the owner of the account will be treated as fraudulent and removed.

5.     Any chart entrant found to be using prohibited methods to increase their votes will have their video removed from the chart and their account suspected or terminated.


You may promote your own video within the Chat N Chart network but please be aware that Chat N Chart strictly prohibits the following actions:

  • Posting frequent and identical comments or messages on the public network requesting users vote for a particular video.
  • Posting requests for other users to engage in "vote for vote" trades between videos. Votes are designed to represent the quality of a video and are not a commodity to be traded.
  • Harassing individual users with votes requests.

13.3 Chat N Chart Administrators view each chart entry to check the conditions above are met. You may appeal this decision by contacting Chat N Chart directly but the Chat N Chart administrator always has the final say in this matter.

13.4 Each user may only be awarded a maximum of one prize per chart per month.

13.5Chat N Chart retains the right to modify the chart rules and prize pools without notice.


Chat N Chart’s Privacy Policy

1) Introduction

1.1 Any questions you have regarding our privacy policy can be submitted to Chat N Chart regulators

2) Under the age of 13 are restricted from the chart without a parent/guardian

2.1 If you are under 13, you cannot participate in the music video charts, unless a parent/guardian administrates the account on your behalf. In order to collect the prize, we will still need to see some identification from the user.

2.2 Parent/Guardian Participation - Children and Teenagers the age of 13 should unequivocally seek parental permission before uploading information onto Chat N Chart.

3) Information Chat N Chart receives

3.1 Information about yourself – Signing up for Chat N Chart requires you to provide us with your name, date of birth, email and gender. You can then upload a picture of yourself to assist other users in your network to find you. After registering you can add as little or as much detail as you wish. For example, your workplace, birthplace, address, relationship status, activities and pastimes.

3.2 Content – The principle reason for users uploading data to Chat N Chart will be to share content with others. Updating a status, uploading multimedia, (photos and videos) sharing links to other websites and to enter the Chat N Chart Music Video Chart. There is an option in privacy settings to choose who is able to be subjected to such content.

3.3 Site Activity – Some of the processes that you do whilst using Chat N Chart will be kept track of by Chat N Chart regulators. 3.4 Cookie Information – Chat N Chart will use ‘cookies’ – small pieces of data that are memorized from your computer or mobile - to make Chat N Chart easier to use. We use these cookies to store your login ID (never your password).

3.5 Information from others – Chat N Chart may collect information about you that is gained from other users tagging you in a photo, video or status, or indicates any kind of relationship with you.

4) Sharing information on Chat N Chart

This section is an explanation of your privacy settings. Please consider your privacy settings when sharing information on Chat N Chart.

4.1 Name and Profile Picture –Your Profile Picture is designed to help other users to find and connect with you. Therefore this content does not have privacy settings. If you do not wish to share this information with other users, do not upload a Profile Picture.

4.2 Contact and Personal Information – When customizing your privacy settings, you can choose who can contact you on Chat N Chart and who can see your contact data.

4.3 Gender and Birth Date – Chat N Chart requires you to divulge this information to verify if you are not under the age of 14. However you can edit your profile to make this information available/unavailable to other users.

Other Things To Remember 

·         Some activities you have undertaken will show up on your friends’ pages and other pages you may visit.

·         If other users tag you in Social Media, this tag can be removed. You can also choose who sees when you have been tagged, etc in privacy settings. Some of your information may be copied or distributed by other users despite your account being deleted.

·         Messages and other types of communication to other users cannot be removed.

·         Posting information or commenting on other user’s profiles is subject to that particular user’s privacy setting.

·         External sources such as a mobile site will have different privacy settings to a computer, so check the privacy settings for that device before uploading data.

·         Information that is set as ‘available to everyone’ in privacy settings can be accessed by other internet users that are not necessarily Chat N Chart users. This includes third party search engines. Your information can be redistributed by Chat N Chart and other sources with no privacy limitations.

·         The default setting for any private information is set as ‘everyone’ and can be changed in your privacy settings.

·         If you delete information set for ‘everyone’, it will be removed by Chat N Chart, but there is no control over its use outside of Chat N Chart.    

5) How we use your Information

5.1 To manage Chat N Chart and to improve it, we will collect your information to provide a good customer service and the best consumer experience.

5.2 From time to time, Chat N Chart may contact you with service related information. You can decide to not receive these emails in profile settings.

5.3 We allow your friends to see your information to make it easier for them to connect with you.

6) How we share your Information

6.1 Chat N Chart will strive to share information with people you know and people within your community. Your privacy settings can restrict what other users can access, but we will automatically share information within a network if we believe the sharing is allowed by you, or when legally justified to do so.

6.2 By default we make certain pieces of information accessible to help your friends find you. However, you can always control how much information is accessible in searches by going to the privacy settings.

6.3 Some of your information will be accessed through available information. However, we generally will limit search engines to only being able to see ‘everyone’ information. You can prevent websites from indexing your profile in the privacy settings.

6.4 Your information may be accessed in order for us to improve Chat N Chart. We will only do this in a fashion that stops users from being identified.

6.5 Chat N Chart is legally tied to divulge personal information in the event of legal action such as subpoenas, court orders or any other criminal or civil matter. Information may also have to be shared if there is any suspicion that fraud, or other legal activity, such as, imminent bodily harm, or to protect us or you from violating our terms, conditions and guidelines.   

6.6 Transferral of data in the event of sale or change of control - In the event that Chat N Chart’s ownership changes substantially, your information may be passed on to the new owner so that Chat N Chart can continue. In such circumstances your information will be protected through this privacy policy.

7) Changing, Editing and Removing Information

7.1 You can change you profile and personal information at any time by going to the ‘edit profile’ link on your profile page. Your information will be updated immediately.

7.2 If you wish to deactivate your account (account settings) you may do so by deleting it. If you delete your account, users can no longer see it but Chat N Chart will store certain information, (photos, networks) in case you decide to reactivate your account.

7.3 Some information that has been previously deleted by users may still remain accessible in other parts of the internet in the event that it has been copied and distributed by other users. Your name will not be exclusively linked to that information and be attributed to an ‘anonymous user’.

8) Protecting your Information

8.1 Your information is kept behind a secure server and firewall. However, please be aware that no security measure or firewall is impenetrable and that we cannot ensure all information shared on Chat N Chart will not become publicly available. We do, however, impose extra security measures to monitor and analyze account behavior.

8.2 Please be aware, in addition, that Chat N Chart will not be held responsible for any leaked private info. Chat N Chart cannot control the actions of others in which you share data with. We cannot guarantee that only authorized persons will see your personal information, but in order to prevent such security breaches, ensure to choose a strong password and use antivirus software.

IF you have any security suspicions you can report them. 

9) Other Terms

9.1 Chat N Chart reserve the right to change this privacy policy. Unless stated, our privacy policy is in regard to all information that we store about you.

10) Prizes

10.1 Prizes are awarded to entries that finish in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in the Chat N Chart Music Video Charts. Prize values are determined by our promotion at that time, the finishing position and the total number of votes. For up to date information on our current promotion and structure please visit our “Charts” page. 

Each user may only be awarded a maximum of one prize per chart per month. 

10.2 Chat N Chart’s decision is final.