Privacy Policy

1) Introduction

1.1 Any questions you have regarding our privacy policy can be submitted to ChatNChart regulators

2) No Information from Under 13's

2.1 ChatNChart strongly recommends that children under the age of 13 should not submit any information to the service. Please do not provide any private information about yourself to us. If ChatNChart learns that it has collected Private information from anyone under 13 it will immediately be removed.

2.2 Parent/Guardian Participation - Children aged 13 should unequivocally seek parental permission before uploading information onto ChatNChart. We also encourage Parents to discuss with their children safe and practices internet use for minors.

3) Information ChatNChart receives

3.1 Information about yourself – Signing up for ChatNChart requires you to provide us with your name, date of birth, email and gender. You can then upload a picture of yourself to assist other users in your network to find you. After registering you can add as little or as much detail as you wish. E.g. Your workplace, birthplace, address, relationship status and your activities and pastimes.

3.2 Content – The principle reason for users uploading data to ChatNChart will be to share content with others. Updating a status, uploading multimedia, (photos and videos) sharing links to other websites and to enter our lifestyle and video charts. There is an option in privacy settings to choose who is able to be subjected to such content.

3.3 Site Activity – Some of the processes that you do whilst using ChatNChart will be kept track of by ChatNChart regulators. For example, if you like a picture that has been uploaded or say that you are attending an event, not only will this activity be displayed through the content, it may also be logeed in our server that you did so.

3.4Cookie Information – ChatNChart will use 'cookies' – small pieces of data that are memorised from your computer or mobile - to make ChatNChart easier to use. We use these cookies to store your login ID (never your password).

3.5 Information from others – ChatNChart may collect information about you that is gained from other users tagging you in a photo, video or status, or indicates any kind of relationship with you.

4)Sharing information on ChatNChart

This section is an explanation of your privacy settings.(LINK) Please consider your privacy settings when sharing information on ChatNChart.

4.1 Name and Profile Picture –Your Profile Picture is designed to help other users to find and connect with you. Therefore this content does not have privacy settings. If you do not wish to share this information with other users do not upload a Profile Picture.

4.2 Contact and Personal Information – When customising your privacy settings, (LINK) you can choose who can contact you on ChatNChart and who can see your contact data. Please remember the only piece of information required is your email, which does not have to be shared with anyone. Regarding PI you have the option to decide who sees this information and who doesn't.

4.3 Gender and Birth Date – ChatNChart requires you to divulge this information to verify if you are under 13. However you can edit your profile to make this information available/unavailable to other users.

Other things to Remember 

·         Some activities you have undertaken will show up on your friends' pages and other pages you may visit.

·         If other users tag you in multimedia, this tag can be removed. You van alos choose who sees when you have been tagged, etc in privacy settings (LINK)

·         Some of your information may be copied or distributed by other users despite your account being deleted.

·         Messages and other types of communication to other users cannot be removed.

·         Posting information or commenting on other users profiles is subject to that particular users privacy setting.

·         External sources such as a mobile site will have different privacy settings to a computer, so check the privacy settings for that device before uploading data.

·         Information that is set as 'available to everyone' in privacy settings can be accessed by other internet users that are not necessarily ChatNChart users. This includes third party search engines. Your information can be redistributed by ChatNChart and other sources with no privacy limitations.

·         The default setting for any PI is set as 'everyone' and can be changed in your privacy settings.

·         If you delete information set for 'everyone', it will be removed by ChatNChart, but there is no control over its use outside of ChatNChart.    

5) How we use your Information

5.1 To manage ChatNChart and to improve it, we will collect your information to provide a good customer service and the best consumer experience.

5.2 From time to time, ChatNChart may contact you with service related information. You can decide to not receive these emails in profile settings.

5.3We allow your friends to see your information to make it easier for them to connect with you.

6)How we share your Information

6.1 ChatNChart will strive to share information with people you know and people within your community. Your privacy settings can restrict what other users can access, but we will automatically share information within a network if we believe the sharing is allowed by you, or when legally justified to do so.

6.2 BY default we make certain pieces of information accessible to help your friends find you. However, you can always control how much information is accessible in searches by going to the privacy settings.

6.3 Some of your information will be accessed through publically available information. However, we generally will limit search engines to only being able to see 'everyone' information. You can prevent websites from indexing your profile in the privacy settings.

6.4 Your information may be accessed in order for us to improve ChatNChart. We will only do this in a fashion that stops users from being identified.

6.5 ChatNChart is legally tied to divulge personal information in the event of legal action such as subpoenas, court orders or any other criminal or civil matter. Information may also have to be shared if there is any suspicion that fraud, or other legal activity, such as, imminent bodily harm, or to protect us or you from violating our terms, conditions and guidelines.   

6.6 Transferral of data in the event of sale or change of control - In the event that ChatNChart's ownership changes substantially, your information may be passed on to the new owner so that ChatNChart can continue. In such circumstances your information will be protected through this privacy policy.

7)Changing, Editing and Removing Information

7.1 You can change you profile and personal information at any time by going to the 'edit profile' link on the left hand side of your profile page. Your information will be updated immediately.

7.2 If you wish to deactivate your account (account settings) you may do so by deleting it. If you delete your account, users can no longer see it but ChatNChart will store certain information, (photos, networks) in case you decide to reactivate your account.

7.3 Some information that has been previously deleted by users may still remain accessible in other parts of the internet in the event that it has been copied and distributed by other users. Your name will not be exclusively linked to that information and be attributed to an 'anonymous user'.

8)Protecting your Information

8.1 Your information is kept behind a secure server and firewall. However, please be aware that no security measure or firewall is impenetrable and that we cannot ensure all information shared on ChatNChart will not become publically available. We do, however, impose extra security measures to monitor and analyse account behaviour.

8.2 Please be aware, in addition, that ChatNChart will not be held responsible for any leaked PI. ChatNChart cannot control the actions of others in which you share data with. WE cannot guarantee that only authorised persons will see you PI, but in order to prevent such security breaches, ensure to choose a strong password and use antivirus software.

IF you have any security suspicions you can report them. 

9)Other Terms

9.1 ChatNChart reserve the right to change this privacy policy. Unless stated, our privacy policy is in regard to all information that we store about you, if changes are made to the policy you will be notified.