User Guide

Our website –Chat N Chart has some great options to make your Membership very enjoyable, lucrative and rewarding as either a public member or business listed member.
- Easy uploading of Videos directly from the users computer, cameras, video, phones
- Support for many formats including (mpg, avi, divx and more)
- View upload process as it happens
- Edit video at anytime; change the title, description and tags
- Delete Video at anytime allowing management of files
- Make video public or private for those who don't like to share)
- Allow or disallow video comments and also video embedding
- Allow or disallow embedding
- Members can create up to 10 new photo albums with max. 20 pics. in each
- Upload photos images
- Bulk upload of photos (up to 3 at a time)
- Support for mp3 file format (please read terms)
- Automatic audio metatags reading (title, genre etc)
- Create a new blog
- Blog website links, music, videos,product specials, discounts
- Full editing features including WYSIWYG editor for HTML
- Create a new group for even more video sharing
- Group admin can make group private or public
- Videos can be deleted and added to the group very easily
- Group admin can delete members and also comments
- Members can talk together using the group comments

- Add videos to favourites allowing for easy playback of the list
- Videos can be deleted at anytime
Member Profile
- Members can edit their personal profile, business profile instantly including adding a picture
- Members will have a unique URL for their profile page for Google, Bing, Yahoo etc search engines so your business can be found with ease
- Fully customizable profile page (background images, colours, styles etc)*
- Fully featured internal email systems for member communication
- Each member can have a list of their friends
- Easily invite more friends to join them on the network
- Share videos with friends
- Delete or add friends at anytime
Public or Private Comments System
- Add comments to videos
- Add comments to blogs
- Add comments to images
- Add comments to profile pages
The  Chat N Chart team.