About Us

Here at Chat n Chart we take your music seriously. That is why we let you show us what you can do and then let the public help you.

Our site allows you to showcase your music in a way that will give you industry recognition. And put you right there, in the spotlight… Where you belong!

The drive behind this concept comes from its owner, Jack Tanti. Jack has loved music from a young age and seems to always have a song in his head and a beat in his heart. His passion for music has led him to decide to give something back to the industry and force a new lease of life for struggling musicians.

During his childhood and teens music was a major part of his life. Shows like "Countdown" and "Sounds Unlimited" were a staple part of his weekly routine. They showcased new and accomplished artists and culminated in a TOP 10 countdown. "We could not wait to see who was number 1" His wish now is to bring back the excitement of charting music, but this time wholly for undiscovered talent. "We want to bring out the garage band and throw them on the big stage!"

And so Chat N Chart has been born.

With the support of local artists and music professionals we can achieve the dream.